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Postive Attitude and Success Coaching

5 Day Online Success Coaching Programme - 5 Sessions over 10 weeks.

Positive attitude and success coaching is about aligning your dreams and creating them.

Part One - Determine your Values or Life Rules

In this session, for the first time in your life you will examine your thinking behind your decision making process when making choices. In the past you often make decisions for reasons that belong to ‘other’

A good example to explain this is the story about when a young couple get married. The young husband insisted that when his new bride cooked a large piece of meat in the oven, she must cut off one end and cook it in two pieces so they would get the best flavour. The young bride disagreed. On delving into family history, they discovered that his grandmother had started this tradition. However her reasoning behind it was her first oven was too small to hold one large piece of meat and it could only be cooked in two smaller pieces. Often we make decisions like this based on this type of ‘thinking’ and it no longer fits the way we want to live our life.

Included in this session:

  • Reasons for coaching
  • Happiness scale
  • Probing questions about your values
  • Assess 6 or 7 areas of your life
  • Search for words that describe ‘your rules’
  • Guidelines and instructions
  • List of suggested words for prompts
  • 2 motivational poems and quotes
  • Additional tips

Part Two - Work/Life Ratios and Life Priorities

This session has you examining where you spend each hour of your day. It focuses on each specific area of your life and your present satisfaction levels attached to those. It is like someone wanting to get fit and healthy, but who spends two hours per day watching television and speaks negatively about their fitness and health instead of exercising. In this session you assess your life.

Included in this session:

  • Follow up from part one
  • Background information
  • Assess 24/7 daily and weekly time schedule
  • Assess 24/7 daily and weekly areas of allocation
  • Assess results achieved (from above)
  • Assess satisfaction levels (from above)
  • One motivational poem and quotes
  • Additional tips

Part Three - Setting Goals and Redesigning your Life

This is the real work of following up from part two regarding what does not serve you in your life. You are then guided to search for new dreams of goals to achieve and encouraged to examine your head and heart to discover your passions urged to explore new areas of interest.

  • Follow up from Part Two
  • Guidelines and instructions for values alignment
  • Exercises to tap into your ‘creative’ mind to discover your new dreams, desires, goals and interests in life
  • These are:
    1. Classified into areas of your life you determined (from part one and
    2. Ranked into level of importance
    3. Rated in level of importance
    4. Reassessed with your values
  • Expand your dreams to clarify for planning
  • Re-evaluate your goals to balance of areas of life

Part Four - Overcoming your Challenges

As you change your life, you will encounter challenges. These will be from your thoughts and consequent actions and also people in your life who appreciate the ‘old you’. You will be faced with challenges to overcome and you will need to learn new thinking and methods to assist you make choices that align you with your dreams, desires and goals.

  • Follow up from part three
  • Turning your goals into affirmations
  • Time management
  • Assess what can and can’t be changed
  • You assess what and who you can delegate to
  • Learn how to overcome your procrastination
  • 2 motivational poems and quotes

Part Five - Establishing your Systems

In this section you re-examine the work you have previous completed from this course to ensure you are now aligned to your soul, mind and body. More commonly referred to as: mind, body and soul, you are now quantifying that your dreams and desires are ‘coming from within you’…your heart and soul (using right brain). Next you are clarifying your thoughts so you can strategize (using left brain) to ensure that your future steps and actions will create your dream life!

  • Follow up from part four
  • Re-assess seven changes to:
    1. Your thoughts
    2. Your actions
    3. Your feelings
    4. Your learning
  • Design your new time management system to include your new goals
  • Design you accountability plan for each area of life
  • Assess you stress and create a stress management plan
  • Create a rewards system for yourself for small and bigger achievements
  • Determine how to track your progress
  • 2 motivational poems and quotes
  • Additional tips to align your dreams.

Throughout the course are additional tips to keep you on track.
If you have any queries, you can email me and I will contact you during the week within 48 hours.
This course is a set process. However I also offer online coaching for any additional stumbling blocks and challenges you are experiencing. Please contact me for if you are interested in this extended coaching at

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